Watch Tesla Model 3 drift around on snow track

Tesla has released some rare footage of the Model 3’s snow driving tests during its winter testing program.

The automaker has been putting a lot of emphasis on winter driving performance with the Model S and Model X. The Model X has never been a concern since it’s only offered in all-wheel-drive, but even the rear-wheel-drive Model S has proved to be performing well under tough winter conditions.

After all, Norway has long been one of Tesla’s biggest markets and winter performance is important there.

Now Tesla is trying to market the Model 3 has a great winter driving vehicle also.

Last year, Tesla performed some winter testing in Montreal for Model 3 before ramping up production, but when it comes to winter driving tests, it looks like the automaker went to the mountains in New Zealand.

They have winter driving test facilities there and early Model 3 production units were spotted there in summer 2017.

Tesla has now released some rare footage of a Model 3 doing some spirited driving on those snow tracks:

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