Tesla is gradually rolling out its new version 9 update, which includes several new Autopilot improvements and features.

It’s giving us the chance to see more of the new Autopilot capabilities at work, including the new ‘Mad Max’ mode on ‘Navigate on Autopilot’

As we previously reported, ‘Navigate on Autopilot’ basically allows Autopilot to automatically overtake cars on the highway and take exits and interchanges if the driver has entered a destination in the navigation system.

In order to perform its own lane changes and overtake cars, Autopilot needs to have a certain level of programmed aggressiveness, which Tesla lets the driver set from ‘mild’ to ‘Mad Max’.

The actual differences between the modes are still unclear as owners are just starting to test out the new ‘Navigate on Autopilot’ feature.

One owner, going by Jasper Nuyens on YouTube, did the smart thing and tested it out on Mad Max mode at night with little traffic on the highway.

He released a short video about the test:

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